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United Kingdom

Personal Interests

Woodwork (& Luthiery): When I'm not singing, I love getting outdoors or into my workshop and doing "earthy" things - I always have. When I was still at school, I even thought at one stage that I'd like to become a Luthier (violin maker)! 

I made this violin when I was 14!

Here are a few other things to do with my woodwork: Butterfly-shaped music stand, rustic gate, chopping board, and pictures from the Ickworth Wood Fair. 

Wildlife, Nature & Foraging: I love a good stomp through the countryside, and it's even better if I can find something eat along the way! It never ceases to amaze me how many different wild animals I can see in one walk. On returning to the the area where I grew up - the surrounding countryside to Saffron Walden - I regularly see kingfishers, owls, sparrow hawks, deer, badgers & many more! 

Skiing: I started skiing a few years ago, but was instantly hooked. Here are a few pictures from my last trip to Chamonix!

Athleticism, being active, and general silliness! I've always felt like I'm forever trying to expend energy. Whilst a teenager at school, I was 4th in England in the ISA 800 meters and 6th in England at Cross Country Running. I never particularly liked or felt the need to be competitive in that sort of way however, and these days, I much prefer to go for a run (in the mud) across the fields or a swim in a river/lake. I love many sports including: Tennis, badminton, cycling, horse riding, frisbee, boating, fly fishing, surfing etc etc! In terms of being silly... Well occasionally, I'm a little accident prone when I decide (against what ought to be better judgement) to climb a tree, jump off a high wall, or indeed dangle from a precarious part of a stage set!