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United Kingdom

Personal Interests

Woodwork (& Luthiery): When I'm not singing, I love getting outdoors or into my workshop and doing "earthy" things - I always have. When I was still at school, I even thought at one stage that I'd like to become a Luthier (violin maker)! 

I made this violin when I was 14!

Here are a few other things to do with my woodwork: Butterfly-shaped music stand, rustic gate, chopping board, and pictures from the Ickworth Wood Fair. 

Wildlife, Nature & Foraging: I love a good stomp through the countryside, and it's even better if I can find something eat along the way! It never ceases to amaze me how many different wild animals I can see in one walk. On returning to the the area where I grew up - the surrounding countryside to Saffron Walden - I regularly see kingfishers, owls, sparrow hawks, deer, badgers & many more! 

Skiing: I started skiing a few years ago, but was instantly hooked. Here are a few pictures from my last trip to Chamonix!

Athleticism and being active! I've always felt like I'm forever trying to expend energy. Whilst a teenager at school, I was 4th in England in the ISA 800 meters and 6th in England at Cross Country Running. I never particularly liked or felt the need to be competitive in that sort of way however, and these days, I much prefer to go for a run (in the mud) across the fields or a swim in a river/lake. I love many sports including: Tennis, badminton, cycling, horse riding, frisbee, boating, fly fishing, surfing etc etc! My enjoyment for being active translates well to work in the theatre and I'm usually the first person to volunteer to climb up various high pieces of stage set etc etc!